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Choong-Keun Oh, Conductor


   “An honest musician with cool-headed self-criticism and bright and challenging prospect," wrote one reviewer about a rising star Choong-Keun Oh, “on stage raises a passionate gale of harmony whose end comes with his two vibrating arms high in the air."  Monthly-Auditorium said, “Oh's music is carefree and joyful maybe for his experiences as a violinist and a concertmaster."  His performances have been hailed as “stable, balanced and ajestic."

   Choong-Keun Oh, born in Busan, Korea, began playing the violin at age six.  His outstanding talent in music, early discovered, ignited the expectation for his bright future as a musician.  On graduating from the Seoul National University in 1982, he became the first violinist of the KBS Symphony Orchestra.  Acting as a professional player, he was chosen as the first art specialist in Korea. 

  Before earning his master's degree in music from the Seoul National University in 1987, he was scouted as the concertmaster of Busan Philharmonic Orchestra in 1985, establishing a new recording as the youngest.  Till 1992 as the concertmaster, he had made a remarkable contribution to elevating the level of the orchestra.

   After joining the faculty of Kosin University in 1990, he received G.P.D. majoring in orchestra conduct from the Boston Conservatory in Boston, U.S.A.  He conducted the Melrose Symphony Orchestra, Quincy Symphony Orchestra, and the Boston Conservatory Orchestra in the States.

   Taking the position of the permanent conductor of the Busan Symphony Orchestra in 2000, when he returned to Korea, he grew rapidly as a professional conductor on the basis of his rich experience as a member and concertmaster of symphony orchestras. 

   His prominent gift in art and intelligent command of music have shown in his diverse conducting career. Frequently invited to guest conduct, Mr. Oh has worked with many different orchestras including the Russian National Hermitage  Orchestra, the Hungarian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, the Korean Symphony Orchestra, the Busan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Guri City Symphony Orchestra, Changwon Philharmonic  Orchestra, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

  In addition, he conducted several Operas such as “Rigoletto", “La Traviata", “L'elisir D'amore" and many important concerts including “the Concert to Celebrate the 65th Anniversary of KBS Busan(2000)", “the Sumi-Jo Concert (2001)", “the Concert Celebrating Asian Game (2002)", “The Ministry of Culture and Tourism-National Tour Concert (2003)", “The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries-Busan Concert, the Busan Sea Festival-Peace Concert, the  Korea-Japan Big Concert celebrating the fortieth Anniversary of Korea-Japan Amity Treaty hosted by MBC (2004)", “the Busan Art Festival (2005)", “the  Busan-Kyungsangnamdo Commemorative Concert-The Classic "Sympathy" (2006)", “the KNN New Year Concert Invited by the Korean Symphony Orchestra (2007)", “the Opening Concert to Celebrate the 12th Busan International Film Festival (2007)", “the Busan International Chorus Festival Eve Concert-Korea Fantasy in Busan (2007)" and “The 4th Busan International Music Festival (2008)".

   He was awarded the 30th Busan Music Prize (Conducting) in 2005 and the 9th KNN Culture Grand Prize (Cultural Art) in 2006. 

   For his conducting Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra visiting Korea in May 2005, the audience appraised his performance as smooth in passion and accurate in splendor, confirming the birth of a new leader in Korean field of music.  His successful performance “2006 Heartful Concert" invited by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in the Central Hall of the Tokyo Art Theater in Japan" has initiated his global activity.

   Currently, a professor at College of Art, Kosin University, Busan and the Permanent Conductor of the Busan Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Oh is endeared for his insightful devotion to and powerful inspiration of every performance he conducts. 

Choong-Keun Oh

Professor, Music Division, The Kosin University

Chief Permanent Conductor, Busan Symphony Orchestra

http://www.ckoh.org, http://www.bso21.com

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